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Green Tea is considered to be a potent anti-oxidant with effects on retarding the aging process. Green Tea is full of antioxidants and reduces oxidative damage.

1. Green Tea Gel
Gently cleanses the face without harsh chemicals leaving your skin clean & fresh. Essential oils & green tea extracts will encourage regeneration of damaged skin.

2. Green Tea Cream
Gently exfoliates facial skin without irritation to reveal the beauty of younger-looking skin. Natural enzymes lift away dull, dead skin cells that normally build up.

3. Green Tea Pack
Removes dead cells & helps to increase dermal cell turnover. It lightens the pigmentation of the skin making it fair, prevents aging of the skin, revitalizes coetaneous cells & enhances the glow.

4. Green Tea Peel
Prevents Wrinkles and protects from sun damage. Green tea helps to remove the impurities that keep skin from being healthy & removing dead skin cells. The skin looks fairer & brighter.

5. Green Tea Cleanser
The skin against the abuse of elements that cause skin damage & problems of pigmentation, wrinkles & fine lines. It promotes elasticity to lighten skin tone, gives a brighter & smoother texture to the skin.

6. Green Tea Essence Serum
The use of this unique essence serum quickly regulates damaged skin. Combined with the soothing properties of green tea, this serum is a wonderful addition to your skin care regiment.

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